BRCBRC Engineering was founded in 1996 by Brian Will, whom along with his sons, Carter and Riley, manages 25 personnel, including professional engineers, design technologists, and journeyman machinists dedicated to providing world class solutions for a variety of industries.

Over the years, BRC has developed an exceptional client portfolio. Major markets include oil & gas exploration, mining, medical devices, and motor sports industries.

BRC’s state of the art computer aided design and manufacturing equipment, combined with strict quality control procedures ensures superior product quality with on-time delivery.

BRC is ISO 9001: 2008(Since 2004)

Brian Will, Chairman, CEO

For the past 25 years Brian has designed and manufactured drilling equipment for the oil and gas and mining industries in North America.

Brian works hands on in the design and engineering of oil and gas, mining and motor sports components and has done so for more than 40 years. His expertise provides solutions for the problems prevalent in each of these industries.

Carter Will, B. Sc., P. Eng (Mech.), President

Carter is a graduate of University of Calgary in Mechanical Engineering (1993). He joined BRC Engineering in 1997 after four years as a mechanical design production engineer for a Calgary company. Carter has served a variety of roles as BRC has grown, including: design and engineering, process planning, material requirements planning and CNC programming.

Riley Will, MET, Production Manager, CFO

Riley graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1996. He has taken on many roles over the years as BRC has developed, including; Motorsport Technology and Development, Sales, Human Resources, Production Management, and Financial Planning.