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BRC Engineering has a highly functional inspection lab, that is temperature control. Instrumentation range from gauge maker, depth gauges, height gauges, optical comparator, etc.

BRC Engineering can provide full dimensional checks on manufactured components with our Ziess Accura CMM. Dimensional reports are provided showing the tolerances and specific areas that are compliant or non-compliant.

Quality inspections are measures aimed at checking, measuring, or testing of one or more product characteristics and to relate the results to the requirements to confirm compliance. BRC Engineering provides highly trained inspectors to perform the requirements contracted with inspection from the customer.

The inspectors perform inspection, test, and sample materials or assembled parts or products for defects and deviations from specifications. These results are documented and discussed with those responsible for products and will recommend necessary corrective actions.


Customer Service

Our mission is to supply efficient, precision machining services and the highest quality oilfield products by utilizing world class technology and resources. We achieve customer satisfaction through professionalism and continuous improvement tailored to each client’s specific needs. BRC Engineering is dedicated to producing components that will meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Industry Experience

Founded in 1996, BRC Engineering has leveraged 20+ years of experience machining quality CNC machined parts for the oil & gas industry to develop a premium line of flow control products. Our skilled team of engineers, programmers and machinists are dedicated to providing world class products and services to customers throughout industry.

Quality Control

ISO 9001:2015BRC Engineering is committed to quality in all areas of the business, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulatory, customer and quality management requirements. Continual monitoring of the quality management system is performed to ensure BRC Engineering continues to provide quality products to customers around the world. BRC Engineering is ISO 9001-2015 compliant and has maintained certification since 2004.

BRC Engineering manufactures Premium Flow Control products and provides quality machining services for customers around the world.


BRC Engineering's state of the art computer aided design and manufacturing equipment, combined with strict quality control procedures ensures superior product quality with on-time delivery.

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