Commitment to Quality

ISO 9001:2015BRC Engineering has embraced and applied a philosophy of quality and safety throughout our manufacturing process and is fully certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Each year, our Quality Plan is reviewed and implemented under the supervision of our Director of Quality and our President. As part of our quality plan, we make it a priority to develop strong partnerships with our suppliers and our customers to enhance our understanding of mutual needs and to encourage quality improvement opportunities.

Our strong relationships with our suppliers enable us to integrate our suppliers directly into our improvement approach and guarantee the consideration of their expectations throughout the competence chain. By implementing regular customer audits, we continue to drive our improvement program forward. BRC Engineering also follows regular scorings to help assure the highest quality of our products and services.

BRC Engineering invests in programs to ensure our equipment is state-of-the-art and adapted to meet needs.

Through a global methodology, all risks are analyzed in detail so that we can take the best course of action to ensure our work is deemed safe and reliable.

Most importantly, BRC Engineering ensures our employees are properly trained by certified experts and within multiple teams to capitalize on the full spectrum of up-to-date knowledge and experience by industry leaders.


BRC Engineering is certified as a Controlled Goods Company by the Canadian Government (Certificate number: 27869).

Controlled Goods is defined as; primarily defense articles that are considered to be of strategic significance or have national security implications to Canada.


Flow Control

BRC Flow Control products are designed and manufacture to meet the requirements of API6A PSL1/PR1. Sour service trim levels are additionally held to the requirements of NACE MR0175.

BRC Engineering flow control products are manufactured, assembled and tested in Canada at the BRC Engineering facility in Calgary, Alberta. All products are subject to the BRC Engineering Quality Management System, which ensures product quality through routine inspections and documentation. All BRC Engineering flow control products are provided with a certification package that includes assembly log certificates of compliance and a pressure test chart.

All machined components undergo in process inspections and critical dimensions are 100% inspected with the Zeiss Scanning CMM.

BRC Engineering products are held to the highest standards, and to ensure operator safety in the extreme environments that these products are subject to, all forgings and castings are subject to x-ray or ultrasonic testing prior to machining and MPI testing after machining.

Quality Process for Flow Control Products

  • Materials ordered based on BRC Engineering material specifications. X-ray or ultrasonic testing performed on castings and forgings

  • Materials received and checked against MTR with hardness testing to confirm. Material certificated of compliance generated with quality control sign-off

  • Materials are machined as per engineering drawings

  • First off and in process inspections performed by qualified inspection personnel to ensure compliance.

  • Components Black Armour treated, chromed, phosphated or painted as per specification

  • MPI performed on all critical components

  • Assembly with full traceability of each component documented on an assembly log.

  • Pressure testing to 1.5x operating pressure and, for valves, an additional 1x operating pressure test on each seat.

BRC Engineering manufactures Premium Flow Control products and provides quality machining services for customers around the world.


BRC Engineering's state of the art computer aided design and manufacturing equipment, combined with strict quality control procedures ensures superior product quality with on-time delivery.

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